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2. The Rise of the Infamous Five

1. You Are What You Wish

The Rise of the Infamous Five

on 2013-10-26 13:28:39

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The next morning Jon and Karyn began experimenting with the magic of the stone. They learned how to use escape clauses and time limits to limit the damage of the stone's volatile magic. Eventually they were able to find a way to reverse Karyn's earlier careless wish and restore her to (mostly) normal. As the school year progressed onward they began doing more crazy things like swapping body parts, bodies, genders etc.

Little did they know that the more they wished, the more unstable the magic of the stone became. The "undoing" clauses Jon and Karyn were so fond of were especially damaging, as they were contrary to the stone's nature. Just because Jon's grandfather had not found the limits of the stone, did not mean it had none. For example, the magic of the stone had once had the power to move the cosmos, but now could only influence a few square miles. The stone had been forged long ago at the height of the old era, and though considerable energy had been put into the stone, the stone has since suffered considerable use and the magic of the old ways was but a shadow of what it once was.

After high school graduation, Jon and Karyn decided to wish themselves acceptance into a very nice college, with full scholarships of course. Sure, they could have just wished themselves a degree or money or even the knowledge the schooling would give them, but none of those things would be the same as having a real world college experience. Like most college experiences, Jon and Karyn's involved a lot of partying and alcohol consumption. Unlike most college experiences theirs also involved increasingly volatile magic.

On one particular evening in Jon's sophomore year these two different aspects of Jon's college experiences collided in a way that would forever change human history. As Jon was hanging out with his frat buddies on the fraternity porch, a few REALLY nice women just happened to be walking by. (Of course this college had an abnormally large number of REALLY nice women thanks to some previous work by Jon.)

At a pivotal moment in human history Jon drunkenly leered at the two women's bosoms and then made the following wish, "I wish all the women on this campus would get more than two breasts."

The stone glowed for the final time as the very last of its once vast energy came unraveled to grant Jon's last wish. The final magical item left over from the old era was finally expended; this was the end of magic.

For the stone's, and thus the magic's final act it did not simply give the two unfortunate women in Jon's line of sight more breasts, rather it slightly altered the sequence of events in the lives of a few nearby college students in a way that it would cause Jon's wish to come true. It altered the course of Five seemingly random college students to be exact.

Sure, Jon would get his final wish, but he and everyone else would get far far more. The era of magic may be over, but the era of the Infamous Five was just beginning.

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