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2. son of batmen and catwomen

1. You Are What You Wish

Should be a superhero

on 2013-08-31 15:10:44

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Next day when Jon wake up he though " i have nothing interesting in my life i want some excitement" then suddenly an idea hit his mind then he picked the wishing stone and wished...

"i wish my father and mother are used to be batmen and catwomen and now they are retired and living a simple life but they want me to be a hero so that i can follow their footsteps...."

then a flash occurs......

After flash Jon went downstairs to see changes but he noticed nothing changed.....his mom and dad were sitting on sofa and enjoying their morning coffee........which Is their usual routine....

jon-hey mom and dad...enjoying coffers......

dad- yeah my son, so tell have you decided????

jon- decided what????

mom- come on Jon don't play with us i know you are in my support....

dad- come on honey u know that he will support me.....

jon- wait a min. guys what are you taking about????

dad and mom together-- we told you to not drink too much you are still young....

dad- just tell us what superhero you wanted to be....batmen or the catwomen......i can't wait tto give you my bat suit to you....

mom- wait a min. honey i know he wanted to be a catwomen....u know dear i have heart problem(emotional blackmail)

jon(thinking)- what have i done....
which path should i choose.??????

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