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2. Clothes Are Who You Are

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon Makes Clothes Make The Man

on 2013-07-02 07:46:13

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(The following was inspired by several different story lines in the 'Jon's Kinky Wishes' thread.)

It had been a long day at school. Somehow he had managed to avoid using the stone again throughout the rest of the day, despite Karyn's best efforts to convince him to let her try to undo her new enhancements. They were supposed to get together later to brainstorm on just how to do that, but now Jon was supposed to be doing his homework.

Jon sat staring at his open history book and the blank page where he was supposed to be writing an essay on how the Civil War actually hastened the burgeoning industrial revolution in the United States. He knew he should be finishing it but how was he supposed to work on something so boring when he had something amazing like the wishing stone at his fingertips. He sighed and glanced around his room, his eyes settling on the Maxim magazine about to fall off his bookshelf. He leaned over in his chair and scooped it up just as it fell. It was an older issue from back when Megan Fox was just breaking big after the first Transformers movie. The mag was obviously well worn and in the years since he'd purchased it he'd built up a healthy supply of actual porn but there was just something about Megan's lay out that had stuck with him through the years.

Jon was flipping to his favorite photo, one of Megan in a pair of skin tight jeans, knee high black leather stiletto boots, and an extremely low cut halter top. She was leaning up against a wall, arching her back so that her breasts were practically spilling out of the top, her eyes half closed gazing back at the camera making it look like she was staring right into Jon every time he looked at it. He had almost made it to the photo when his mom stuck her head into the room.

"Jon, I'm ordering a pizza for dinner, you okay with pepperoni and sausage?"

"Sounds good!"

"Good, I'll call it in about half an hour," his mom said. Then she narrowed her eyes. "Now, get back to the homework, mister."

Then she was gone. Jon finished flipping to the pic and gazed at longingly for a moment. As he stared into Megan's seductive gaze, though, his thoughts drifted to his mom. She'd been something of a hottie when she was younger according to the photos he'd seen. She was still extremely good looking for her age but in the years since Jon's dad had died she'd thrown herself into her career. While she still dressed up for work she didn't seem to have fun like she used to do.

Suddenly, Jon got an idea. He took the stone out of his secret hiding place and looked back at the magazine and his still unfinished essay. First things first, he thought.

"I wish that all my homework were done. I also wish that my now finished homework would be sufficient to earn me an A- when graded."

Jon felt the stone grow warm in his hand twice and was forced to look away from his desk after each wish. When he looked back he saw that the once blank page was now filled with writing. He smiled and folded the essay into his history book then turned his thoughts back to the wish he really wanted to make.

Sure, he thought, it would be interesting to see how it affected his mother but there was a lot more potential for fun if he expanded the scope. Then the perfect way to word the everything hit him. He gripped the stone a little tighter and closed his eyes.

"I wish that I could cause someone to swap clothing with someone else, even a photo of someone, by concentrating on both people and saying swap. I wish that everyone would assume this was how they had always dressed. Further, I wish that as long as their clothing has been swapped each person would begin to think and act like the person who's clothes they are now wearing and that no one would notice anything different about their behavior."

Jon felt the stone grow warm in his hand again after each wish. When he was done he opened his eyes. He looked down at the photo of Megan Fox and concentrated on her and his mom and said, "Swap."

The pic blurred for a moment and when it refocused Megan was now wearing the simple pant suit and sensible heels his mother had been wearing before. She still had the same 'come hither' expression on her face, and while she still seemed just as sexy there was something off about the photo. Jon did a quick google search on Megan Fox and found that she had become quite famous in recent years for her romantic comedies and mother-type roles. It appeared that every movie she'd been in after Transformers had changed. She hadn't even been in the first sequel now. He couldn't wait to see how his mom had been affected. Just as he was closing his computer up he heard her call up to him that dinner was here so he finished up and headed downstairs to see his handiwork.

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