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2. Pokeperv Begins

1. You Are What You Wish

Pokeperv: Outside

on 2013-03-11 01:21:58

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When Jon got back from school that day, he wanted to play a game, yet the only thing he could find was a Pokemon Cartridge. So he started, and started playing. He chose some of his favourite pokemon, and started his adventure. He thought, "Boy, this would be great if this was real life, heck it would be great if they were sluts. Wait a minute, that is it!"

"Stone I wish that the world was like a game of pokemon, except all the pokemon were sexy female humanoid." the stone glowed, and he found nothing different. But when he looked outside, he saw that his house was now only one of three buildings. He looked around, and saw a little raticate running around, but it now looked like a little woman who had a brown back and a curled tail and had a curled tail. He saw a pidgeot in the sky, but now it was human head to foot, but had wings for arms. they were approximately the same size as their game counterparts, but were not pure animals.

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