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2. Keys to Success

1. You Are What You Wish

Keys to Success: Introduction

on 2013-02-28 03:43:44

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Jon started out his morning with a wish he had thought about over night. "I wish that something today would become magical, and benefit me in some way, and I would forget about this wish.." At once the stone glowed, as Jon got ready for school.

"Jon, are you ready?" called his mom. "Would you like a ride today? I'm going that way any way."

"Sure" replied Jon, "Be there in a second." so he ran downstairs into his mother's shiny new car.

"Not that one," said his mother, "we are taking The Heap to the scrapyard." The Heap was an old rusty car which had just sat in the garage for years. They never did anything with it, so Jon's mother finally thought to get rid of it. They drove it to school, where it stalled. "Damn," said Jon's mom, "hold on to the keys today. I'll get a tow truck for tomorrow." she walked back down the street in the direction of the house.

Jon picked up the keys and, out of force of habit, locked it. Jon's school day was uneventful, until he left. He walked by The Heap on his way back, and thought it would be a good thing to drive home, as his mother would't have to get a ticket.

He hit the unlock button, and the car transformed, it became a brand new van,. Jon was speechless, as he tried it again. His car now transformed into a racecar, with full gas. Jon decided to try it once again. He wasn't prepared this time as it expanded into a fully functioning military grade plane. He tried it one more time, and it filled the parking lot as a full sized nuclear powered submarine. One final time he clicked it, and it transformed into a 1960 era mustang. It had an added spoiler and optional neon lights. It was blue as the ocean, and purred like a cat. He decided to drive it home.

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