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2. average items gone magical

1. You Are What You Wish

average items gone magical

on 2012-11-24 19:49:38

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John and Karyn sat on his bed with the magic stone in his left hand, "so what is it that you wanted me here for?"

"an idea," then he began, "i wish that i had a box that has random house items that have magical powers but they have a way to reverse themselves" the stone glowed and a box appeared right in front of them.


"i wanted to have some fun Karyn and who knows maybe whats inside the box can help with your problem" he gestured to her breasts.

"Hmm lets see what in the box then"

as they opened it they found a piece of paper describing whats inside and what it could do:

Hand Lotion; once you rub the lotion on any part of your body or some one elses' the lotion will change that body part, into who ever your thinking of body part. cold water will remove the lotions magical power. (the lotion is endless)

Cell Phone: after you press one spell the person name on the keypad and you can here there thoughts. press two then spell the person name on the keypad and you can put thoughts in their mind by talking into the receiver then hit send. press the power button to remove the thought from the subjects mind and the subject wont remember what they have done.

Hair Dryer (that had two settings): when on max power whatever you blow on will beautify the longer the Hair Dryer is being blown on the more beautiful they come. Low Power reverses the effects of Max Power until the subject becomes what the once were.

Watch: point the watch at a person and if you press the First button you can control the persons age with the nob, left cause them to grow older, right causes them to grow younger. Second button allows you to interfere with the persons past, Third returns the person to normal.

Rings: when two people wear the rings the become passionately in love, if one ring is taken off the spell will break. if one person wears both rings they can merge with the first person they touch and your mind will remain intact. if you remove one ring both of you will defuse but half of their traits and psychical body will be apart of you and half of your traits and psychical body will be with them. remove both rings and both of you will turn back to normal and the subject wont remember

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