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2. Fixing the Problem

1. You Are What You Wish

Fixing the Problem

on 2012-11-19 03:51:24

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The entire walk home I thought about Karyn's problem. I know she said she wanted us to fix it together, but I had an idea that might make it so that the problem never existed.

See, the reason she made the wish was because she wanted more attention from guys. Now I've always liked her, but I've never been able to tell her that before. When I first got he wishing stone, my immediate reaction was "yes, now I can get Karyn to like me." But I also thought it was wrong to play with her emotions and feelings like that. However, with this recent turn of events, I figured it was better than leaving Karyn with the alternative.

Since there were other people on the street around me, I was very casual about slipping my hands into my pockets. Just as carefully I opened the box and allowed the stone to fall into my hand. In a whisper that even I could just barely hear, I said, "I wish that Karyn and I have been dating ever since I asked her out at the beginning of our first year of high school last year, and have been in a very loving and caring relationship ever since, even though we have both pledged ourselves to virginity until marriage." I briefly felt the stone grow hot in my hand, then the world faded out momentarily. When my eyes cleared, I was standing in my room, which was freshly decorated and also contained my very beautiful girlfriend, perfect the way she was before the wishes that were no longer made.

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