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2. Feelings Faced

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon fixes her problem and tells Karyn how he feels

on 2012-10-22 21:03:33

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Finally after a long day Jon flopped on to his bed after hiding the stone under his bed in the box with his magazines. After school he and Karyn had both decided to brainstorm separately on how to reverse Karyn's wish. They decided to meet in a couple of hours at Jons house. Jon was a little reluctant but Karyn had insisted they fix the problem today.

Why hadn't their wishes workded? why hadn't they been able to change Karyn back? He looked at his grandpa's note again. He remembered his grandpa's note seemed to say that you could reverse things but he didn't remember exactly what he said. Thats when it hit him. They han't worked because they had been directly trying to undo the wish. All they really had to do was change the wish enough that it would only last so long and PRESTO problem solved.

Now that he had a solution maybe he should test it. The more he thought about this the more he decided he would wait for Karyn to get here. He wanted to check with her and make sure the wording he had in mind was flawless besides she might have a better idea.

With this settled he let his mind drift over the posiblities the stone held. The first ideas came into his head were fame fortune popularity at school maybe even payback for Sarah and Biff. Then another more interesting thought crossed his mind. Karyn. OF COURSE!!!! Now that he had the stone anything was possible.

As posibilities of wishing Karyn to like him entered his head he immediately threw them out. If he was going to do this he was going to do it right, The Old Fashioned Way. He was going to have to talk to her about it. Even if she didn't like him he could just wish his feelings away and everything would be good between them again.

Just then another idea hit him: He could make the stone less dangerous. All he had to do was wish that whenever he made a wish that it would be interpreted exactly has he had intended it too. After that was done he felt soo much safer with what was about to happen.

He decided he should get working on the wording to fix Karyn. Once done with that he relaxed and was just about to fall asleep when He heard the door bell.
he ran down and opened the door to find Karyn standing there and wow was she looking good with her new bust. She was wearing a blue v-neck t-shirt and tight form fitting jeans. John told her he had solved her problem. She smiled and said she had some good ideas too. They both headed up to his room. Jon sat down on his bed and Karyn on the chair at is computer

When they were both comfortable jon said "I'm sure that my idea will work but I want to see what you've come up with."

"Cool. So when i got home i realized why none of are wishes were working. They were all trying to reverse the wish i made. So i thought what if we didn't wish something that would directly counter the wish but would still change me back."

Jon thought about this for a moment and said "Do you mean like a ray gun that undoes wishes?"

Karyn smiled and said "Not Quite, more like a ray gun that could change what people look like. Including Bust size and hair color."

"OHH I get it now. The wish would still be true because you did have them but they got changed back by the gun. Thats pretty good thinking Karyn" he said as he smiled.

"Thanks, I thought so too. You seemed pretty confident what was your idea?"

"Not quite as cool as yours but it should get the job done. Once i realized that were trying to directly counter the wish and that my grandpa said instead of wishing the opposite we needed to change the wish a little. so what i came up with a time limit. I even have the wording that i think would work best." he pointed to the paper on the table that had the finalized version of the wish.

Karyn picked up the paper and read aloud: "I wish the wish that changed Karyn's breasts and hair also now has a time limit that ends in 5 seconds." she stopped reading aloud but jon could see that she read it again a few times trying to find any flaws. After she was done she looked up at Jon and said "Jon i think you are right. This sounds perfect but theres only one thing i don't get. Why the five seconds why not say 'that ends right now'?"

"It doesn't really matter either way. I started out with it like that but i changed it because i realized that might be useful at some point. you can change it back if you like."

"Oh, I see your point. Well, if you don't mind i'd like to get these dumbels off my chest sooner rather than later so i think i will change it back. So where is the stone?"

"One sec," Jon said as he retrieved the stone ",so which one do you want to use?"

Karyn thought about it for a minute then said "Honestly i just want this to be over and yours will do that faster so here goes." After she was done with the wish the stone glowed a little and she became all blurry as usual so jon looked away he saw his friend was back looking happier than ever. Jon had to admit that as sexy as her bigger breasts were he prefered her this way

With a sigh of relief he hands him back the stone and says "You take this i think I've had enough wishing for one day."

This was it he thought its now or never. "Hey Karyn, you look great. Can i ask you a question?"

Karyn's heart leaped what could he want she thought. All he was kept doing was staring at the rock and tossing it from hand to hand. It made her nervous. What sort of things would he wish for. She already knew that he had a crush on her. If it hadn't been obvious before her new assets it be came so durring her stint with big breats. When you have that kind of things would he do. She had known him for most of her life she didn't think he would make her do anything but they say power corrupts....

"Ya sure what its it?" she said trying to act casually.

"Have you... that is... do you want to...," he abruptly stopped as karren started to laugh. "Hey! Why are you laughing at?"

"YOU Silly! Jon Ive known for a long time that you were into me."

"So do you feel the same way then?

Karyn then got up from her chair and said "Jon, I...

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