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2. Mom interprets the wishes

1. You Are What You Wish

Mom interprets the wishes

on 2012-09-26 17:59:06

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In the morning the next day Jon left for school leaving the stone home while he goes to school so he doesn't lose it.

Jon's mom came into Jon's room to drop off some clean clothes on his bed when she noticed the note and the stone.

She didn't believe the stone was real and said "Ha, even after dad died he's still a jokester." She then picked up the stone and in a mocking tone said "I wish I was sexier." With that she felt a tingle and looked in the mirror and saw herself. She went form average mom to super milf.

she looked herself over and was amazed at how the stone worked. "This is incredible, but this is way to dangerous for Jon to have... but dad did choose to give it to him and I want to respect that."

Then she had an idea "I wish I had a ordinary stone that looked just like this wishing stone."

She put the fake stone where it was and said "I wish that when ever Jon or someone else wishes on the fake stone I will know the wish and who wished it, and that I will be able to grand the wish by saying "grant the wish" and then explaining how it will be granted."

She then tucked her wishing stone into her cleavage and walked out of Jon's room .

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