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2. Zoe interprets the wishes

1. You Are What You Wish

Zoe interprets the wishes

on 2012-09-20 21:37:18

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In the morning the next day Jon left for school leaving the stone home while he goes to school so he doesn't lose it.

Zoe was still getting ready but couldn't find her shoes and went to check and see if they might of been in Jon's room. After all he was such a wimp it wouldn't surprise her to find her brother dressing up in her clothes.

She looked around and then noticed the stone and the note. Zoe said "No way this is real... I wish I was wearing the shoes I was looking for ha" and then her shoes appeared on her.

"Whoa this is real?! No way am I letting Jon keep this. I wish that I had a stone that looked just like this one, but was just a normal stone." and a stone appeared in her hand. She put it back where she found the wishing stone and then thought Jon would know something was up when his stone stopped working and then got an idea.

"I wish that when ever Jon or anyone else tries to make a wish with the fake stone I will know what they wished for and who wished for it. I wish that when I know these wishes I can choose to either ignore the wish or grant it by saying "Grant the wish" and then describing how the wish will be fulfilled." Zoe said smirking triumphantly as she stuffed the wishing stone into her cleavage and left for school.

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