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2. Jon became a teacher

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon became a teacher

on 2012-09-13 18:43:31

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The next Day Jon got up, grabbed the stone and headed to school.

He met up with Karen and said "Hey Karen I got a great idea for what to wish for."

Karen said "Oh?"

Jon said "I could became a teacher."

Karen rolled her eye's and said "Jon that's stupid."

Jon looked upset and said "It is not! Think about it no one would bully me and I could boss people around."

Karen said "There are way better things you could do with the stone Jon."

Jon said "Whatever I'm doing." He took out the stone and said "I wish I was a teacher."

Jon felt himself tingle, but didn't feel himself getting bigger, and started to feel a lot of pressure on his groin and chest. After a few seconds Jon had been changed into a sexy middle aged curvey blond woman wearing a black dress.

Jon looked down at his large breast and was socked.

Karen looked him over and said "I hope you're happy now "Ms. Gibson"" She then grabbed the stone and put it in her pocket. "I'll hold onto this till after school you never think anything through." and started to walk away.

Jon not wanting to be stuck like this said "Karen... wait before you go let me-" getting cut off by the first belly ringing and all of the kids shifting through hall losing sight of Karen being left standing there in the hall.

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