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2. Jon in Tights

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon in Tights

on 2012-08-25 20:10:20

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Jon had a bit of a secret, and had for as long as he could remember. He always liked wearing tights, which was a bit of a problem, because he was a boy. Before he had money, he used to borrow Zoe's or his Mom's tights. The thin nylon fabric excited him, but he also came to like the way they felt and looked on his legs.

After a few years of filching and stealing from his family, Jon finally got the nerve to buy his own pairs. At first he was nervous about going to the check out line with nothing but a pair of opaque control tops, but he quickly realized that the check out person either didn't care or, if they did, never said anything.

He preferred colored tights, and had a built a collection of hose of many colors, even pink.

He wore the tights on and off through high school, even at school, under his jeans a few times. But most of the time he wore them while lounging around in his room, watching TV or playing games.

He came home from school after showing Karyn the stone, and the first thought on his mind was to slip into a pair of apple red nylons, and a pair of girl's athletic shorts on top of these.

But Jon realized as he sat down on his bed that he was just tired of keeping his little secret. Hiding part of himself in his room and under his jeans was growing weary. But now that he had the wishing stone, Jon realized he could do something about this.

With little thought, he pulled the stone from his bag and wrapped his fingers around it. He realized that there would be a dozen ways of interpreting the wish he had in mind, but he decided he didn't care. If something particularly bad happened, he would deal with it. But right now, he just made a simple wish.

"I wish I could wear tights whenever I wanted, without being looked at like a weirdo."

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