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2. Karen become Kevin

1. You Are What You Wish

Karen become Kevin

on 2012-08-11 09:09:48

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After school Jon and Karen walked to Jon's house excited about all they could wish for.

They arrived at Jon's house and went up to his room right away. Jon got the stone out from where he hid it and before he could even say anything karen grabbed it.

"these tits were a mistake... I wish that when i wished for Sara's hair and breast yesterday I said it would only last an hour." Karen said.

Then the next moment Karen was back to normal. Karen looked a Jon and saw he was kind of disappointed. "Don't look so upset Jon." she said with some attitude.

Jon was kind of embarrassed, and said "What.. uh, no i wasn't..."

"Whatever" Karen said cutting him off

Jon trying to get past the awkward moment said "So what should we wish for now?"

they thought for a second and then Karen broke the silence with "I wish I was a boy, and my name was Kevin."

Jon was shocked to hear this as he stared at Karen as she started to transform.

First she grew to about 6 foot 5 inches making her much taller then Jon. Her hair got shorter until it was a nice short guy haircut. Her face changed to be more masculine and very hansom. then her body shape started to change as her muscles started to grow and her bone structure adjusted. Her breast faded away and she gained a large bulge in the girl capri pants she had been wearing. She grew hair on her arms, legs, and chest. Lastly her clothes changed to a tight tee shirt made to show off her new muscular body, her pants changed to a pare of men's jeans, and her underwear changed into a pear of boxer briefs.

When it was over a very attractive very large guy was standing in front of Jon. Kevin looked down at his new body for a few seconds and then went over to the full length mirror Jon had in his room.

"Whoa... I a total hunk..." Kevin said as he dropped his pants. "Wow are penises really this big? He asked looking at Jon."

Jon stared at him and then looked at his dick. It was huge, probably around 8 inches soft... probably 10 inches hard "He looked back up at Kevin's face and said "Uh... maybe... I mean.. some of them... i don't know." he looked away and blushed.

Kevin had never seen Jon so embarrassed and then she realized what was probably wrong. Kevin asked "Jon... do.. do I have a bigger dick then you?" Jon's face turned red and said "What?!.. no... well... uh"

Kevin started to laugh thinking it was cute. Jon got upset and said "Okay that's enough give me the stone." as he reached for it Keven knocked his hand away and said hold on. As he knocked Jon's hand out of the way he realized he was much bigger and a lot stronger then Jon was now.

"So... should i make a wish that you were a girl?" Kevin asked. Jon eye's got wide as he said "What!? No don't!" Keven said "Geese I was only asking.... Well I guess that's all the wished we'll make for today." Putting the stone in his pocket. Jon said "Hey you're not keeping the rock give it back" Then Kevin got a serious look on his face and said "What are you going to do? Take it from me?" Jon stared at him for a second thinking and then just said "whatever"

"Great. I'll see you at school tomorrow" Kevin said and left

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