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2. Fist things First

1. You Are What You Wish

Fist things First

on 2012-08-02 04:32:12

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After gaining Sarah's hair and bust without thinking Karen was having some regets so the first thing she wanted to do was fix herself.

They thought about what they could wish for to fix Karen. Then Jon had an idea.

He pick up the stone said "I wish Karen wasn't the one who wished for Sarah's hair and breast"

At the same time just after Jon said "I wish" Karen just happen to have sneezed. Now even though she still technically heard the wish she wasn't able to make it out over her own sneeze so when she opened her eyes after the sneeze she was shocked to see Jon sitting there was Sarah's large breast and hair.

Karen looked at Jon and said "Wow Jon I had no idea this is what you wanted"

Jon quickly responded with "No this was a mistake!"

Karen picked up the stone and said don't worry Jon I'll fix this "I wish Jon had a body to match his hair and breast, and I want his body to come from his own imagination"

Jon felt himself tingle and looked in the mirror to see a glorious blond girl staring back at him. (s)He had long wavy blond hair, DD breast, large childbearing hips, a thin waste, long curvy legs, a big bubble butt, high cheek bones, big blue eyes, a pert nose, red plump lips, long eye lashes, and was basically a living wet dream.

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