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31. back to the school

30. Luke Changes

29. now to Luke

28. Karyn laughs

27. Karyn has the stone

26. Help 2

25. Control lost

24. Loss of control

23. Adding to her own pleasure.

22. Controlled chaos

21. Changes continued

20. Class changes

19. Meeting with Karyn

18. New changes

17. Moment of clarity

16. Doug

15. Jon is really horny

14. Adding attractions

13. Karyn

12. Lunch with Karyn

Control: Danielle Edwards

on 2014-03-13 11:00:15

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"You're right," I said to Karyn. "But first," I gestured down at the body I was borrowing from Miss Edwards. "This isn't really working for me. Plus, since she's on our side now, we should probably go and get her out as soon as possible. Display of good faith or whatever."

"Yeah, you're right Jen." Karyn agreed. "Emma, teleport all three of us into Miss Edwards classroom." We were literally there in a flash, Karyn and I loosing our balance and falling to the floor while Emma splashed down against the linoleum, temporarily loosing her form until she was able to, mostly, draw herself back together.

Since I recovered the fastest, I was also the one to open the door. I had left Miss Edwards somewhat facing the door to her room, so the moment she saw me she began thrashing around as much as her bindings would allow and making little crying noises from around the gag. While throwing the door open fully so Karyn and Emma could follow me, I said, "Whoa! Relax Miss Edwards. I'm going to get you out, don't worry. Jen, switch back bodies with Miss Edwards and then immediately break all of the restraints."

Edwards reeled from the sudden shock of being back in her body while I broke the zip ties and phone chargers tying up mine with ridiculous ease. I was already spitting the gag out onto the floor by the time Karyn walked in, Emma sliding her body across the floor behind her as fast as she could manage. When Miss Edwards first laid eyes on Emma, she looked like she wanted to say something or at least scream, but I think she realized this probably wasn't the weirdest thing she was going to be seeing, and just tried to ignore her.

"So, um, Jon, er, Jen, whatever you're going by now, you promised to change things so I'd be this way forever if I helped you."

"You're right. Karyn, would you like to do the honors?" I noticed that at some point, Karyn had put her hands into her pockets, presumably with the stone. That was pretty smart, since it meant she could use it without anyone else seeing exactly how she was doing it.

"But of course Jen," she replied, giving an overly dramatic curtesy that nearly caused her still ridiculously oversized breasts to spill out of her shirt. While I tried to suppress my giggles at the antics of my friend and coconspirator, she was starting her wishes. "I wish everyone outside of this room remembers Mr. Edwards as Miss Danielle Edwards, 25 year old female math teacher. I also wish Danielle was able to remember this life too." We were all forced to look away from her, as per the usual effects of the stone, but when the effect stopped, we saw Miss Edwards clutching her head in what looked like pain. Both Karyn and I moved in to see what was wrong, because this wasn't what usually happened when we used the stone, but as soon as we got close, Miss Edwards grabbed us in a hug and squeezed us close.

"Thank you girls, thank you, thank you, thank you. This is so much better than anything I could ever hope for." Then she released us, allowing Karyn and I to stumble back shocked and slightly dazed.

"So, you like it?" I asked tentatively, still reeling.

"Like it?" She exclaimed. "I love it! This is perfect! I can remember everything, kissing my first boy, kissing my first girl," she gave us a playful wink, "playing volleyball in high school and being in my college sorority. I can remember it all, just like if it actually happened."

"Well, from now on Miss Edwards, it actually has."

Our teacher and friend gave a pleased smile. "Please girls, call me Dana. I think that's the nickname I use."

"Well, it's nice to have you on our side Dana. But now we've got a more serious problem to deal with. What should we do about them?" I nodded my head in the direction of Mr. Love's room.

"Don't worry about that Jen, I've already been thinking about that. Huddle up girls." We all got in a football huddle, which was a little weird when I put my arm on Emma's shoulder and it suck down about an inch. She didn't say anything though, so I didn't either. "Okay ladies, this is what we're going to do..."

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