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2. More like mom latest chapter

1. The Forum

More like mom, latest chapter

on 2017-06-17 11:39:42

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So a couple months ago i posted a chapter to the More like Mom story line and wanted to see how readers felt about it. I decided to kind of write it where my mind took me, and was thinking of adding another chapter. Heres the link.;=nospamstory

Firstly, how do you feel about the story? Was it too much? Not enough in places? What might you have done differently?

Secondly, for the continuation, and maybe future episodes, maybe have Jon waking up from an erotic dream fueled by his new adjusted sexuality, how should it go? Also, there was a thread further back where Jons mom was pregnant, making him pregnant once that change took place. I thought about revisiting that. Also, a few chapters back, when Jons hips changed to match his mother's, the author described it as hips that came from three child births. So should Sandra have three children? Should they come about the same way, where people she meets are transformed into her kids? Also, where is Karyn? Does she remember Jon, or Sandra, Sherry's twin sister? Thoughts please.

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