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7. The Seal is Broken

6. Back in the Day

5. Wait a Minute

4. What Next?

3. A guy going nowhere fast

2. Unlimited Changes!

1. The Drafting Board

Complete Control: Well, One More Wouldn't Hurt

on 2023-02-05 20:38:56

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Omni Unaware

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In the kitchen the middle aged mother continuously shook her ass around, at first just a motion up and down, but soon became thrusts, hips shaking side to side, and even a pretty audible attempt to make her ass cheeks clap for her son. Monica looked pretty calm and collected throughout her vigorous dance. On the other hand, Matthew was still processing what he was watching. His own mother was just told to lewdly shake her ass, and she did it without hesitation. The pulsing erection in his pajama pants was a clear indication that he enjoyed this despite it's taboo nature. He bit his lip, still trying to wake himself up from the dream he assumed he was having. Still, everything was happening in real time, and only an ounce of disbelief was left in him. He tried to think of saying something else for her to do, but his voice escaped him. What he hadn't realize is that it wasn't based on what he said, but what he was imagining. What his hormones and precum dripping penis wanted bubbled up into his mind, and soon the idea was now in his mother's mind...

Monica felt like she'd get tired soon, but Matthew wasn't looking away. She didn't know how long she could keep this up for him! The sweat was forming on her skin, she felt her clothes getting pulled in places, and her bra was really irritating her. She couldn't take it anymore, if she were to continue she'd need to cool off a little. Her hands came off the counter and went to her shirt, lifting it she flung it across the kitchen rather quickly so she could get to her bra faster. After unhooking she felt much better, and let it drop to the floor. She was impressed with her self being able to do all that while still shaking it for her boy.

"Sorry, didn't mean to be distracting. I just had to get a little air. You don't mind if my...girls...are out?" Monica wanted to make sure Matthew was enjoying the show, just not in the way he would expect.

"I-uh I-mean..."

"Oh, you're aroused, I see it under the table..." She said bluntly, all while looking back at him. " there something you need me to do to help?"

She stopped dancing, but only as an idea was forming in his head. He didn't exactly want to take advantage of her, but wanted to push the envelope a little further. She was now facing him, and her tits were on display. She placed her hands on her hips, her chest was red while she was breathing, but looked ready to do whatever he wanted next. It clicked in his head too, that his mind and desires were controlling the changes. Giving into the perversion, he looked at her breasts, her brown nipples were getting stiff as they were now exposed. Monica looked at her son ogling her tits, something she would be absolutely steamed about before today, but now found an idea coming in her head. Her hands came off her hips, and raised to her chest. They cupped each tit, and started to gently bounce them in her hands.

"This is what you like? Is this like the videos you like to watch when you're alone?"

Matthew felt the pressure build up, the way she sounded like the world's most relaxed porn star did something to him, and soon he shot his load, most of it was caught in his underwear and pants, with some oozing through the fabric. Monica quietly fondled herself, giving some time and attention to her nipples. It was more about his arousal than hers, and she looked under the table to see if he was going to do anything else.

" made a mess..."

Matthew gulped, this was no joke. Now, he wondered how he could use it...

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