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2. The Stone Gets a New Owner

1. You Are What You Wish

The Stone Gets a New Owner

avatar on 2012-04-04 00:36:23

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After Jon got home, he sat in his bedroom and thought about what to wish for. But it was a difficult task. He could have anything. Any ... thing. Where would he start? He idly began to think that if someone else had gotten the stone, they might have had an easier time coming up with a wish to make.

And the moment he had that thought, Jon stupidly muttered to himself "I wish someone else had the stone. Maybe then something might actually get wished." He was just thinking aloud and not really paying attention. But a wish was a wish. And this one was granted.

The wishing stone flashed brightly, causing Jon to look away. And when he looked back, it was gone.

His eyes went wide. "What the hell did I just do?!"

Now, someone else had the wishing stone. Its new owner was none other than ...

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