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2. smoking hot

1. You Are What You Wish

smoking hot

on 2012-04-03 18:56:41

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jon felt guilty for allowing karyn to change herself although he had no complaints to her new look.
she has always been attractive but never really stood out, jon was wondering how her new physical appearance had changed reality drastically or only slightly.
he was about to begin experimenting with the stone when his phone went off
"hi karyn whats up?"
"jon i don't feel good and im not sure why"
"whats going on?"
"i don't know, im shaking and i feel anxious"
"hold on i have an idea" with the stone in hand jon made a wish "i wish i knew why karyn is feeling sick" instantly he just knew "karyn your body is craving nicotine, apparently you smoke now and your addicted to it"
the thought of smoking instantly appealed to karyn even though before she had always thought it was disgusting

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