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2. How I Got Here

1. You Are What You Wish

How I Got Here

on 2012-02-25 18:19:13

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' I was in such a weird position you couldn't even imagine. I was bent over on my hands and knees in a room partially filled with smoke. Five alters looking things where arranged to match the five points of the pentagram I was in. They were standing around me in black and red robes, my sister's stupid goth girls. Who knew Zoe was so into this shit that she would kidnap her own brother/sister for a stupid ritual.' 

I tried to scream out, to say anything, but I was prevented by the gag shoved in my mouth shaped like a freaking dick. A curtain of my long blonde hair fell in my face, partially blocking my view of my tormenters.' 

My breasts, something that I had been so happy of before, swayed freely beneath me so I bucked back and forth. They had used about five sticks of that weird black butter that they called devil butter. They had jammed it into my ass, making my so greasy inside, well...

That's when Zoe picked up what looked like a massive, black cucumber with red veins. She claimed that it was the "Devil's Dick." they need it and me to do some kind of summoning ritual. The scary part was when she placed it against my asshole and began to push.' 

Looking back on it, I'm glad they used so much butter. That really streamlined the process, making the cucumber fit easier. I can't say that it didn't hurt, however.' 

I set out another screen of pain, not that anyone could hear me. Judging by the initial size of the cucumber and the amount of pain I was feeling, it was only halfway in. I didn't what to admit, even to myself, that in some ways it was actually feeling good.

How in the world did I get here? How did I go from Jon, the stone master to Jessica, a slut for a demonic group of goths? It all started the day I got back from showing Karyn the stone.

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