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2. The Host

1. You Are What You Wish

The Host

on 2012-02-16 09:49:23

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As Jon was asleep, he wasn't aware of the attention he gained.

Suddenly another person appeared in Jon's room. It was a man about 35 yo, dressed in elegant black-white suit, with a characteristic goat beard and holding a cigarette in his hand. He has strange aura of fickleness around him. He knew that this boy has his stone. Stone that this boy's grandfather won from him, yet passing the stone to that boy wasn't part of the deal. He gently put a gloved finger on Jon's forehead and there was a slight glow.

Jon had a nice dream about being a muscled life-saver on a beach and helping sexy ladies. Suddenly it all blacked out and he found himself in dark room. He somehow knew it was all a dream, yet now it seemed almost too realistic to be a dream and he couldn't wake up. Then he notice a man floating above him.

"Welcome boy" man said in pleasant melodic voice.

"Umm...hi...who are you?" Jon asked a bit confused, yet still thinking it was ONLY his dream.

"Me? Well...I have many named, most of which you wouldn't be able to comprehend. Yet, you will call me The Host. This is my name for your kind."

"The Host?"

"Yes, I'm here for your little magic stone boy"

"What?!" Jos gasped. "H-how you ...know about the stone?"

"Don't be ridiciolous. That little thing you call "The stone" is merely a toy for me. Nothing important, yet I have ... a sentimental bond with it. But what really...angers when some puny human being tries to trick me. I know you don't even know what I mean,right? Well...lets say that stone belonged to me when your grandfather won it from me in a deal. But...when he tried to pass it to you, I had to intervene. Unfortunately, your grandfather is dead and out of my reach to take my revenge. But now I have you will be my plaything for the old man's tricks."

"What...are you talking about? I have no idea what you mean?"

"I know boy...but world is not always fair" The host grinned.

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