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2. Karyn helps Jon decide.

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn helps Jon decide.

on 2012-02-15 19:21:43

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They met outside the school the next day. Jon was pensive, and confided in Karyn that every thought he had had for a wish, had scared him with an unforseen consequences.

Karyn tried to re-assure him, that without trying something they risk achieving nothing as they are too scared to act. She leaned close and confided in Jon, "You know I used to wonder how exciting life was as a stripper. But I had to sneak into a strip club with my brother's ID to see what it was like. If I hadn't taken his ID, I never would have seen their cold, dead eyes, and their slightly robotic dancing. Do you understand me now Jon?"

He nodded his head and held her hand for reassurance. She smiled back at him, "With this just imagine what we can do, this is the ultimate power, we can't be afraid to use it." she caressed the stone.

"As long as we put a time limit on the wish, surely we can just muddle through until we return to reality. She kissed his sweetly on the cheek, before snatching it away from him, "I have just the wish, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it." Jon tried to catch her, and take it back, but she was more agile than him.

"I wish that for the next twenty-four hours, until we return here unharmed, that we were the stars in a fantasy porno of Jon's design."

She winked at Jon, who was shaking his head and looking terrified. The stone shook in Karyn's hand until, it flashed a blinding white light, causing both Jon and Karyn to cover their eyes. Suddenly they felt that their bodies were very different, and the noises around them had changed.

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