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2. Social Commentary

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Social Commentary in Fiction

avatar on 2017-05-23 16:54:38

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Alright. Not trying to be passive aggressive or anything, but I did want to point out that there is 100% a way to explore social commentary in fiction.

One of my entire branches is built around the idea of (in part) genetic determinism. I also included, intrinsic to that story, the idea that genetics is a predominant factor in determining intelligence. But these commentaries were accessory to the story. They contributed to a separate central theme, being the drama and tension created by the outcome. My goal was still to explore transformation effects on the protagonist by a backfiring wish, and I'd encourage others who might have social commentary to keep that in mind.

I, as I'm sure is true for many of us, have read branches implying, or even outright stating, that a social constructionist world view is true, or that a patriarchy exists, or satirizing different groups in a variety of ways. (I mean, what's the entire feminist stone or Clique wars branches? haha)

Good! I thinks it's awesome that we can explore different social commentary in the confines of fiction. I enjoy the satire, even targeting the things I might believe. The distinction being that the social commentary wasn't goal, or if it was, was not heavy handed, and that we don't have warring social commentaries in the confines of a single branch.

I know the current issue probably didn't need a post like this. But considering the reaction to that thread, I just wanted to wave a bit of an olive branch, and say we can all explore our threads and thoughts without contention.

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