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2. Jon gets the boobs

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon gets the boobs

on 2012-02-03 01:27:04

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The next day after school Karen came over to Jon try out the stone so more.

"Okay hand the stone over , Jon." Karen said

Jon hesitated for a second and then handed it to Karen.

She then got a smirk on her face and said "I wish Jon wished for Sarah's boobs and hair."

Jon eyes got wide as he saw Karen's chest shrink down and her hair darken till she was back to normal. He then saw blond hair hanging down in front of his eyes and felt a foreign weight on his chest.

He was still a little stunned when Karen said "Awh much better. Those things were heavy i don't know what I was thinking wishing for them."

Jon then tried to grab the stone, but Karen pulled away before he could get it. Her face then got mad and said "Hey, I thought you'd be grateful."

Jon replied "Grateful!? Why would I be grateful?"

Karen then said "Well you always liked to look at Sarah's breast right?"

Jon said "Well... yeah, but.."

When Karen cut him off "Fine! Be ungrateful come talk to me when you're ready to say sorry. I wish i was home." and then in an instant she was back standing in her room and Jon was left alone in his room with Sarah's breast and long blond hair.

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