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2. Man Amongst Men

1. You Are What You Wish

Man Amongst Men

on 2012-01-01 13:00:57

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Jon walked to school early the next morning, eager to try out the stone himself. He hadn't been able to sleep all night, his mind awash with the possibilities of using the stone, and with the potential problems. Part of him still thought it might be best just to lock the stone away. for fear of its power being abused.

Such thoughts were quickly pushed aside as soon as Jon himself was pushed aside. So caught up in his own thoughts, that he failed to notice the four brawny football players running down the sidewalk before they barreled into him and shoved him aside. "Out of the way nerd," one of them shouted back at Jon, causing Jon to burn with anger.

Steve Farber, Mike Matthews, Biff Meadows and Ernie Thompson were all star football players, and had been friends for years. Moreso than that to Jon, they had always been bullies. Jon knew he wasn't exactly what you would call a jock, but he wasn't a wimp either. He was just a normal, average guy. That these four muscle bound bullies could lord over him and the rest of the school just because they were bigger was a playground mentality that Jon couldn't stomach anymore. And now he had a way of getting revenge on them.

He vaguely remembered something his Goth sister Zoe had said once about masculine and feminine energies and auras and such things. Thinking back to it, he thought of the perfect way of getting back at the four bullies that had plagued him for so long, and also improving his own social standing in the process. He followed the guys back into the school, following them into the locker room where he knew they would be showering after finishing their run. Before confronting them, he stripped off all his clothes, wanting to see the end results of what he was about to do. Before he walked over to the shower, he held the rock close and said "I wish that I could absorb all the masculine energies of any person I choose just by snapping my fingers while looking at them." A flash of light gave him the power he so desired, and he walked over to the shower, intent on using it.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Mike Matthews yelled out as he saw Jon walk near the shower. Jon surveyed the four behemoths before him, each standing well over six feet tall and built like teenage bodybuilders. He idly noticed their well-endowed manhoods as well, and a small smile crossed his lips. Making sure all four of them were in his line of sight, he snapped his fingers and waited to see what would happen...

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