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2. Writing the Out Clause

1. You Are What You Wish

Writing the Out Clause

on 2011-12-15 11:44:36

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When I got home I couldn't contain myself. I immediately ran up to my room, yelling a quick hello to my mom. When I got there, I locked the door at sat down on my bed. I couldn't believe Karyn had been so dumb. She could have very easily made several more wishes, changing everything. Fortunately, I had an idea for a wish that might fix that. I toyed with it back and forth, debating everything that might go wrong. I finally broke it down into three fairly simple wishes. I gathered my courage, knowing a wrong word would ruin everything, and then began.
"I wish that I can reveres any wishes that I know about by thinking about the change and saying 'reverse'. I wish that I can choose who will get their memories of the old world back, and who will be stuck with the fake memories. I wish that no matter who wishes or where they wish I will remember the old reality as if I heard the wish and the new altered reality."
' I was forced to advert my eyes as the stone made its changes. When I opened them, nothing was changed. Of course, m wishes hadn't changed anything in the physical world, so I had to test out my powers in other ways. I decided to wish for something I wouldn't want, then try to undo it.

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