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2. A Game of Change

1. You Are What You Wish

A Game of Change

on 2011-12-03 15:14:58

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Early the next morning, Karyn stopped by Jon's house.

"Hi, Karyn," said Jon's mom, as she let Karyn in. "Jon's in his room."

"Okay, thanks."

She went to Jon's bedroom door and knocked.

"Who is it?"

"It's me. Karyn."

The door opened and Karyn walked in.

"Are you going to tell me why you called me over here?"

"Because of the stone."

"Well, I had a feeling it was about that. But, why didn't you just take it to school with you, like yesterday?"

"Because I wanted to try something out before I went to school. And I wanted you here with me when I did it."

"Okay." What was Jon going to do? Karyn was interested even more now. "So, what are you going to wish for?"

"Well, it's not like that. It's sort of an experiment and a game all in one."

"What are you talking about?"

"All last night, I thought of different things, games, whatever we could do that would be fun but always reversible" He gestured at a piece of paper on the desk near by and he picked up up. "I created a game in which the winner will get to use the stone and have unlimited amount of limited wishes"

"Ok, whats this game?"

"I'll read what I have and you tell me." Jon looked at the paper and read "The game of change, not to be confused with any other game of change. Two or more players choose a collar. The collars available are animal, monster, fictional, non-fictional, mythological, object, elemental, human based, and body modification. Once the player puts on a collar it will randomly select something that fits the category. The player has a minute from the moment the player put on the collar to keep saying "random" to change the selection till it lands on something desirable if the player wants to change it. The players will start to slowly transform at a rate of the dice rolled, for instance if the first player rolled a 9 then a 2 that player would transform 9 percent every 2 hours into the thing that was selected at the beginning. The objective is to be the player least transformed in terms of percentage in order to win. Once each player with a collar on has rolled the game will start. No one can stop the game or take the collars off till its been 9 hours which will be the end of the game. Players can cause their transformation to speed up, slow down, or stop for a period of time by doing things. Good deeds will slow or stop the transformation by a percentage per hour based on the level of good. Bad deeds will speed up by a percentage or double the current percentage of transformation based on the level of bad. If you manage to stay neutral, nether too good nor bad, then the speed of transformation will stay the same. Every 30 minutes randomly you will transform by a percentage no grater then 30 percent and no less then 5 percent instantly with a 1 minute beep warning from your collar. If you want to find your current status just mentally or out-loud command your collar to give you your current status. The winner will get control of the wishing stone and will be able to make as meany wishes the winner wants for the day, the day after the game has ended only if the wishes are worded in such away that they can always be reversed." "ok that's the game, what do you think?"

"Its good enough for me, let's do it."

"Okay, now for the wish." He picked up the stone and said "I wish that the game described on this piece of paper was a real game that me, Jon, and Karen only knew about" "I wish also that I had all the required game pieces right here in my room and that no one else did"

"You thought that out a lot, didn't you?"

"I wanted to make sure it was specific enough. So, which one do you want?"

"How about that one?" she asked, pointing to one of the collars.

Jon held the collar between in his hands. It was the one that had to do with ...

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