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2. Teaching Biff and Sarah a less

1. You Are What You Wish

Teaching Biff and Sarah a lesson.

on 2011-09-28 23:00:13

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The next morning, Jon met with Karyn in the schoolyard. He had decided to bring the stone to school after all, thinking it might be best to keep it with him at all times. Karyn was about to bring up the topic of the stone, when Biff Meadows and Sarah McMillan practically plowed into them.

"Outta the way, losers." smirked Biff.

The two were the biggest jerks at their school, and yet seemingly the most popular at the same time. Jon decided then and there his next wish should be to teach them a lesson.

"I wish that every time Biff is mean to someone, he will become a little bit more like Sarah, and I wish that every time Sarah is mean to someone, she will become a little bit more like Biff. I wish that the changes will be noticeable by everyone. I also wish," Jon continued, feeling generous. "That every time they are nice to someone, they will revert a little bit back to normal."

Karyn laughed at the last part, "There's no where they're smart enough to figure out that solution to their problem."

"Either way," said Jon, "They're going to have an interesting day."

Jon and Karyn didn't have to wait for long to see the effects of the wish. Biff and Sarah walked hand in hand up the front steps to the school. Standing by the door was Leonard Drullers, the extremely overweight nerd. Leonard usually avoided them at all costs, but he hadn't seen them coming.

"What's up, four eyes?" asked Biff, punching Leonard in the arm.

"It's called zit cream, Leonard, look into it!" laughed Sarah.

But as they pushed their way through the double doors to the school, both felt an odd dizziness pass over them. Neither mentioned it, and they kept walking towards their lockers, but Sarah could swear that her bra cups felt quite a bit more roomier, like she barely even needed it. That was impossible, she thought, she had one of the best racks in the school. Biff, on the other hand, felt like his muscular chest felt a little flabbier. Granted, he'd been slacking off in his excercise regimen lately, but no way he man boobs... In a way, he was right.

He cleared his mind of it just in time to shove a freshman away from his locker, at the same time Sarah insulted another girl's outfit. Another dizzy spell rushed over them, and now Biff owned a perfect pair of lovely C cup breasts, and Sarah now had the chest of a football player.

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