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2. Harem U (alt)

1. You Are What You Wish

Harem University

on 2011-08-29 15:30:00

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(This branch isn't originally mine, so I don't take any credit for it, just the parts that I will be changing)

Grabbing the stone from its hiding place Jon looked around to make sure nobody heard what he was about to wish. Thinking about the wording and quickly writing it down, he began to make his secretly desired wishes.

"First, I wish there was a school for women desiring to own, be a part of a harem, or any other sexual profession, and that it was widely accepted, and prestigious to attend, inviting only the most beautiful, and talented young women. I wish that among the students body of this school, only certified and qualified males would be selected to live among all of the female students who wished to attend. These men, upon selection of their major, would be able to choose to either own their own harem or be given the chance to become a woman and learn to be a harem girl, as well as how to live as a female. I also wish that those who decide to become female would have as attractive a body as any of the women at the school. I also wish that throughout the course of attendance the men would be used for demonstration, and example purposes, even to go so far as either being naked with several women in class or even the men having their mind swapped into other female students so each would know how to please the other and learn how to treat the opposite sex. For the men selected I wish they would be of those who wouldn't abuse the women under their care, or sadistic. They must be kind protective and above all have good morals. Lastly I wish that I would be selected as one of the male candidates for this new academy, and that I would receive the letter in the mail in the next five minutes."

As he finished his long winded wish the stone glowed, telling him his wish had been granted. Suddenly hearing his mom's frantic voice from downstairs he raced down to see her holding an envelope.

"Jon, we just got the reply to your application for Harem University. Quick, open it up, and see if you got accepted!"

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