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2. Mikey's ready to party

1. You Are What You Wish

Mikey's ready to party

on 2011-08-27 18:19:26

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Jon arrived home to his little brother Mikey arguing with his mother.

"Now, I told her mother that you'd be at Jill's birthday party tonight." his mother scolded.

"No way, mom!" screamed Mikey. "Girls have cooties, I'm not going!"

"Soon enough you'll 'discover' girls, and you'll change your tune, young man, you just wait!"

"No! I'm not leaving!" he screamed again and ran to his room.

Jon clutched the rock in his hand. Mikey had been going through a phase lately where he was much more bratty than usual. And this seemed like the perfect opportunity to test out the rock again.

"I wish that Mikey really wanted to go to the party tonight, and that he even had a little party dress to wear, and that instead of 'discovering' girls, he 'discovers' boys, and that he'll revert back to his old self halfway through the party. I also wish that I was invited to chaperone."

There was a flash, and Jon smiled to himself. He was going to enjoy watching how Mikey's night went... Within minutes, Mikey came out of his room, wearing a cute little white dress with pastel blue flowers all over it.

"All ready to go?" asked his mom, her tone totally different than it had been moments before. "Oh, you look so cute!"

"Thanks for helping me pick out my dress, mom! I hope everyone likes it!" said Mikey, striking a little pose.

"Well, Jon, you'd better take your brother... Thanks for agreeing to help his parents with the party... You remember where they live, right?"

"Yep, let's go, Mikey!" smiled Jon, as the two headed over to Jill's house.

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