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2. Game you can play

1. The Future of Gaming

Mission #1

on 2006-01-03 17:13:25

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You create your avatar using the mind scan feature that draws what you want the character to look like and then displays it on the screen.
" Man I'm I good looking " you think to yourself
Please select Class
Strength- how much damage you do and is also the number of hit points
Seduction- how attractive that person is
Protection - minus this from the attacker \ seducer to get the value against you
Rouge strength 25 seduction 25 protection 0
Mage strength 30 seduction 15 protection 5
Spy Strength 10 seduction 35 protection 5
Warrior Strength 35 seduction 10 protection 5
Dancer\gymnastic strength 20 seduction 30 protection 0
Zombie: strength 45 seduction 0 protection 5
Fairy\Elf: strength 5 seduction 45 protection 0
( for fun pick one above for the story )
You have now finished character creation you will start in epic city with 40 gold
You walk like you're normally there to a great blue castle where you can apply for missions. On the sign on the door is all the characters involved in a mission and what it is
You see Suzie's screen name fallen angel by mission 1
Mission 1
The objective of this mission is to capture all the characters listed.
SEDUCTION: post a interaction between your character and another character if you have a higher seduction level than the strength of the target character you gain that character
STEALING: For stealing accessories from other players you must beat that characters strength to gain one post of use of all accessories that character is using this removes all accessories from that character.
Alicia Baker [40] {20}
Desiree [75] {20}
Seth nelson [40] {35}
Kyla Willowbrook [30] {40}
Courtney [40] {27}
Jake pollen [20] {35}
Pete Ross [30] {25}
Greg Arkins [15] {45}

After you capture one of these characters you can fill out a profile
TRAINING EXERCISES (what you do with the character)
REWARDS (what you do when the character completes a mission or something you want them to do)
PUNISHMENTS (opposite of rewards)

+100 gold for finishing mission
seduction and stealing posts are +20 gold
+10 gold for use of powers and special abilities of a character

Accessories- these are items to help out your character to purchase them you need a certain amount of gold that will act as currency of the game.

Charisma jacket (30 gold)(looks like it is made from black nylon with a zipper and pockets as well as hood) effect: +20 persuasion on members of the opposite gender wares off if you are not wearing the jacket, to activate experience lust.

Invisibility Scunchie female\headband male 45 gold (looks and feels like clear nylon you get a tinglely sensation from the scrunchie) to activate grab scrunchie or headband +35 strength

Silver briefs Male for werewolf \ red bra female for vixen 45 gold () To activate grab the waistband or straps +15 strength +15 seduction

Mage tattoo (25 gold)- allows the character to pass through walls +10 strength

Aphrodite virus (20 gold)- removes all inhibitions, revealing of true feelings and doing thing the character would not usually do +15 seduction -10 strength

Alien stimulant (45 gold Male characters only)- mixture of kryptonite, drugs and steroids that give your character +25 strength

Vampire virus and cure (50 gold)- gives your character +50 strength in exchange a strong revulsion to light, longer canines and a irresistible urge to drink peoples blood

Animal augmentation (40 gold) Now you can add an animal trait (you specify) to a character giving the character a special affect

  1. Invoke compassion- when used increase seduction of this character by 5 and subtract 5 strength from the target character
  2. For every post this character exercising or one link to a picture of them exercising increase that characters strength and seduction by +3
  3. Pheromone infusion- can control any social insect or gain +20 seduction during seduction missions

Obscrua bra (45 peps female characters only continuous until removed) - by monitoring heart rate for signs of fear will alert police and all other characters of that person. EFFECT: nullifies steal attempts on this character +5 protection

Facade makeover (60 gold)- this character will gain + 20 seduction points and +10 strength (from hallucinating kiss) .You may enter things you would like to change about a character (eye and hair color Hips, skin etc.)

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