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2. On a date

1. You Are What You Wish

The hot date

on 2011-08-09 13:19:04

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Jon looked through his mom's catalogue, stopping at the ladies clothes' section. He would love to have a girlfriend like that, but he was always awkward in front of girls. Karyn he thought of as more like a sister, he'd never hit on her, plus he knew that she wasn't interested.

Suddenly, Jon realised that with the stone, he could make anything happen. He held out the stone in front of him, "I wish that I had a hot date for tonight" he said. The rock glowed and Jon looked in his diary. Sure enough, written in the diary was "Roberta 8.30 Hudson's". Hudsons was a classy restaurant in the town where Jon lived, but it was expensive, so he wished for a credit card with unlimited credit.

He looked at the clock. It was 9.30am, still 11 hours to go until the date. Jon grew impatient. He got the stone again and said, "I wish that it was 8.25 tonight, and I was at Hudson's all ready for my hot date, dressed to impress. Oh, and I wish that my date went fantastically well tonight and that I would be able to get to second base."

As the stone began to glow, the room began to blur, and Jon happened to glance down at his diary. Strange, he thought, looking at his diary again, he noticed that it didn't say "Roberta 8.30 Hudson's", but "Robert @ 8.30 Hudsons"...

Jon looked up. He was sat down at Hudson's a drink on the table in front of him. He looked to his right, and saw a handsome, rugged man looking at him.

"Hello?" he said, nervously.

"Why hello, Joan," said the man.

Jon frowned and happened to glance down. To his horror, he was wearing a dark blue dress, with black tights and matching shoes with three inch heels. His hands were perfectly manicured, and over his shoulder was a bag. There was a mirror on the far side of the wall, and he glanced at himself in it - the figure looking back at Jon was definitely himself, but he was fully made up, his red lips open wide in shock.

Oh my God, I'm a woman, thought Jon, but the feeling in his groin told him otherwise. He checked himself out quickly. No breasts, penis, hair on his arms and chest. He was still a man!

Then, Robert (Jon presumed that was the mans name) put his arm in his and said, "I believe our table is ready, a perfect meal for a perfect guest"

Half in shock, Jon allowed himself to be guided by Robert to the table. Looking around, he saw that all the couples in the restaurant were men! Hudson's had turned into a gay restaurant. Jon realised the ending of his dream...second base? Jon reached into his bag, but there was no stone... How would he be able to get out of this?

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