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2. Karyn Sneaks in Jon's Bedroom.

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn has Fun

on 2011-07-26 21:22:09

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Karyn had always wanted Jon to be her sextoy, and with the stoone, she could make it happen. She made her way to Jons house and went into his room through the window, trying to make no noice. He was asleep. She looked around and finaly found the stone in a box under Jon's bed. She took it out and wished "I wish that I only have to think with the stone in my hand to make a wish so I won't risk waking anyone up."

The stone glowed, and she tested it.

Karyn thought "I wish I was wearing a blue bikini."

And with a flash, there it was. A blue bikini top and bottom covering her over-sized breasts and ass.

"Alright." She thought to herself. "Time to make some perverted wishes... I wish I had a pair of pink panties!" Without realising it, she had spoke out that wish and woke up Jon.

"What are you doing here Karyn?"

"Just making some-"

"Hey! Put down the stone! I don't want to risk any permanent wishes!"

Karyn had a grin on her face. "You know, Jon. I always wanted to see you in a pair of small pink pair of panties..." She said, twiddling the pair she had in her hand.

"What? No! Please don't wish that!"

"Too late! I wish Jon was wearing this pair of panties I have in my hand!"

The stone flashed and smoke filled the room. When it cleared, Karyn was no longer holding the panties. The whole room looked feminine. There was a table that had makeup, a dresser open filled with bras and panties, and a Jon's bed was bigger and Karyn noticed him.

"Wow! Hello Miss Sexy!" She said to Jon.

"What just happened? And whats on my- OH MY GOD! I HAVE TITS!" Jon screamed in her new sexy voice.

"I guess the wish misinterpreted the spell and gave you a reason to be wearing them."

"Well, at least help me wish all this jiggling flesh, Jon said holding her new boobs.

Karyn thought for a few minutes. "Hmm... How about this. I wish Jon's Panties were smaller and more revealing!"

The stone flashed, and Jon's panties started turning transparent. It was almost a thong.


"Alright, alright, I wish Jon was putting on a bra".

"Uhh... Karyn? Mind if I have the stone?"

"Karyn quickly made a thought wish. "I wish that no matter what wish Jon says next, he will wear a super sexy pink bikini"

The stone flashed, and Jon noticed.

Karyn said "No, I don't mind. Here's the stone!"

"Uhh... what was that flash?"

"What flash?

"I thought I saw the stone flash, but I guess it was just me. Alright, I wish I was always female, but with my memories and I turned male instead of female for these wishes."

"The stone flashed, but Jon didn't get what he wanted. He felt his bra and panties get thiner as that changed into a small two-piece bikini which stretched from his large breasts. When he felt this, his tits got erect.

"Ohh. I didn't think a small bikini could give a woman this feeling..."

"But hey, why didn't I turn back into a male?"

"I'm not sure... pass the stone, maybe I can fix it."

Thinking there was nothing more to lose, 'she' gave it to Karyn.

"I wish Jon's conciousness would move from his body to the bikini he is wearing, and a female named Tina will replace his body. I wish I always had the Jon-bikini and the stone, and that Jon wouldn't be very angry about this wish. I wish 'Tina' will know about the stone, and Jon's parents and friends. She will tell them a witch turned her into this sexy Asian girl, and they will all accept her."

"The stone flashed, and Jon's face went blank as hs conciousness moved to the bikini. The body he was in regained conciousness as Tina arrived.

"Heh, I wish Tina..."

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