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2. Not Jon's Stone? Then Who's?

1. You Are What You Wish

The Witch

on 2011-07-25 15:29:51

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Living only 6 blocks away, there was an evil witch. She was over 623 years old, but she looks 14 to everyone else. about 130 years ago, she had made something so great, so powerful, that she wouldn't need her witchcraft anymore. She had created a stone that granted infinite wishes. She, however had lost it and it had come into the hands of who is Jon's grandfather. The witch had finaly tracked it down to here, and a few days before she had seen Jon and Karyn at their school using it.

"I must get that stone!", the witch exclaimed.

The next day, Jon went outside and noticed a letter on his frontdoor step.

"What's this? An invitation?"

The letter said, "You have been chosen as a winner! Please come to Lake Scene Hill and recieve your prize! And please bring a friend along who is male!" Enclosed in the envelope was a picture of a busty woman, who he suspected as the person he was going to meet. She was topless, and Jon already had a wild erection. He decided he was going to bring his brother, Mikey, as he could always wish to change his thoughts.

They made their way to the hill, and they saw the woman they were looking for. She was topless showing off her huge tits that just looked like they wanted to be sqeezed. They ran to her and she greeted them.

"Hello, Jon and Mikey. Please, come to my bedroom."

"Hi... how did you know our names?" Jon said while walking.

"I know everything!" She said with a smirk. "And I also saw you before... but anyways. You have won! Your prize? You'll get to be more familiar with girls as sexy as me! With a spell..."

"Wait- what?!"

"A spell, as in witchcraft. Have you never heard of it before?"

"Well no-" Jon said, trying to back away.

"What are you trying to do? Don't leave!" She said with a grin. "I've always wanted two daughters..."


"Yes, but not for long!" As she said this, she casted a spell on both Jon and Mikey, which Mikey was speechless the whole time.

Jon changed first. He felt himself shrink and lose muscles and body hair. His ass and hips grew larger and his waist grew curvier. His face got rounder and softer as his hair grew longer, his lips got fuller, and his eyes got bigger and cuter. Then he looked down as two huge breasts popped through his blue-buttoned shirt as it was changing into a small white bikini. He felt his hard dick shrink and collapse into itself as as pair of womanly lips formed where it once was. "Oh my gosh! I turned into a sexy Asian like the witch!"

Jon then felt his breasts as he jumped onto the bed and felt himself. He couldn't help but smile from the feelings of being female.

"Brother!" Mikey shotued.

"Oh, I didn't forget about you little guy!" The withc said, casting one more spell.

"Ouch! That hurt!"

Mikey then felt himself get taller. He was only about 3' tall and he grew to 4'11". His butt started growing like Jons and he grew curves. His breasts grew and went until they were almost as big as Jon's. His small shirt had been really tight on his tits as it changed into a cute pink bikini. His face features had changed to show he was now Asian, as his hair grew to his shoulders. His small dick had then disappeared and was replaced by a female vagina.

"Jon!" Mikey said in his new sexy Asian voice. "That lady turned me into a girl!"

"I think he knows, cutey!" The witch said to Mikey.

"Now it's time for you two to get to know your bodies!" She said, casting yet another spell.

Suddenly the boys felt like stripping. Jon immediatly took off his small white bikini to show his huge tits. bigger than the witch's!.

Mikey's clothes transformed into sexy undergarments that looked as if they were barely staying on.

"Now I'm sure you've been waiting for this, boys!" She said and they both immediatly started groping their chests. and Mikey .

"Now go touch your sister Jen's boobs and vagina, Michelle" The witch said to Mikey.

He then walked over and sqeezed them from behind and did so, which made Jon's face go red.

During this, the witch had taken the stone which had once been in Jon's pocket and fallen out and left. She left Jon and Mikey there forever as they spent their time arousing eachother.

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