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2. Girl World

1. The Forum

Girl World - Random Thoughts

on 2017-03-04 00:07:15

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My favorite branche is Gril World. Only the "Shirts" branche comes near.

Kudos and thanks to the authors for this amazing branche.

English is not my first language so I won't be able to contribute, but the story made me so involved that I started to wonder and had random thougths that I want to share.

I miss Karyin in the story. Or Sarah, or Zoe.

Karyn would be the choice, because she can make an appearence - being worried with John - and get caught in Girl World.

Maybe the spirit needs a gril to be host of the masculinity it stole from Jon and Kelly. Transfering their masculinity to Karyn in the Girl World would open several new possibilities.

The "girls" (John and Kelly) would continue to face embarassing and erotic situations while Karyn would get everything they were expecting from Girl World (score with the ladies, win MMa fights, drinking games, drive muscle cars).

Maybe eventually Karin will "score" with the two new ladies (John and Kelly) - at the same time, maybe? - in Girl World without they not even knowing about it on real world.

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