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2. Ranma Jon

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon 1/2?

on 2011-07-25 06:59:37

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Jon had always watched Ranma 1/2. He thought it was erotic the way he kept changing from male to female. So he made a wish.

"I wish, that when my full body touches cold to lukewarm water, I will change into a sexy Asian woman version of me, and when it is warm to hot water, I will change back to myself."

The stone glowed, granting his wish.

"Alright, time to try this out!"

Jon went to his sister Zoe's room to grab a bikini. Jon then went outside to his family hot-tub, which wasn't turned on and was cold. Jon slipped on the Bikini, which sagged on his flat chest and was really tight on his rock-hard dick.

"Alright, lets gooo!"


As soon as he went in, he felt the bikini get really tight to his chest. He grabbed the stone and said "I wish this bikini would fit my new measurements."

With that, the bikini grew larger and filled him out properly. He looked at the tag. it said "H-cup 90cm"

As he saw that, he grinned. "I have some of the biggest boobs in the world!"

Jon then felt really horny in a sense he knew before. He felt like changing little boys into sexy Asian women like himself. Where to go...

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