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11. Jake's turn

10. a D-cup Bikini top

9. A small Problem

8. Mega Mom

7. The Drive

6. an intresting morning

5. To wake up a "New Man"

4. Mom's shopping trip

3. a hair band

2. A family of three

1. Altered Fates

Jake's Turn

on 2023-02-01 01:39:05

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"Alright Jake, your turn" said Mom, looking down at him through her cleavage.

Jake looked up from between the massive breasts at her. "Is Jenny gonna pick on her own, or should I get up so you can help out?"

"Eh, I'm pretty comfortable here. Jenny, I trust you to pick something good!"

Jenny looked at her brother as she went to go choose. "Should I try to make you male again brother? Not sure how eager you are to get your thingy back."

Jake had to rationalize it for a moment, but almost immediately knew he wanted to stay female for now. Something about it felt... right to him. "Eh, plenty of time to swap every which way, go ahead and pick something girly."

Jenny smirked wide and went to go choose.

"Not too bothered to join us on this side of the gender divide, huh?" Mom asked. "I have to admit I'm curious about what it would be like to pee standing up. Would have made things a bit simpler just now."

"Heh, that's definitely a perk Mom. I'm just hoping whatever Jenny picks doesn't have so much..." He gestured his hands out in front of his chest. "I don't know how you handle all that extra weight."

"Hey, you might like it!"

Jenny came back shortly after hiding something behind her back. She gestured for Jake to close his eyes. After he complied, she reached out and pressed the garment and the medallion to his chest.

"Can I look at it now?" he asked, excited to see what she had picked.

"Go for it!" she replied, smiling wide.

He looked down and saw...

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