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2. Sarah is seen differently...

1. You Are What You Wish

Sarah is seen differently...

on 2011-06-26 17:18:38

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Later that night, Jon sat in his bedroom, thinking of all the things he could possibly wish for. He was about to try another test wish, when he heard voices out his open window.

It was Biff, his neighbour across the street, and his girlfriend Sarah. He couldn't hear exactly what they were saying, but they were laughing in that mocking way they always did, thinking they were better than everyone. Jon decided his first wish should involve them. He thought for a minute of a good way to embarrass them at school...

"I wish that everyone besides Biff and Sarah would see Sarah as a middle-aged, fat, balding gay man." There was a flash, and Jon quickly looked back out the window. He saw Biff standing there, holding hands with what looked like could possibly be some distant relative of Sarah's, same colouring, blonde hair, what was left of it at least, but a 40ish year old man, wearing Sarah's pink halter top and black skirt. He moved very effeminately, the same as Sarah, although when the man moved that way he looked stereotypically gay. The man leaned in and kissed Biff, and Biff squeezed his man boob and large flabby ass. The two then went into Biff's house. Jon knew that Biff's parents were away for the week, so Biff could get away with Sarah sleeping over. So there would most likely be no reaction till tomorrow at school...

Jon laid down on his bed, and smiled. He couldn't wait to get to school early to make sure he was there in time for Biff and Sarah's arrival to see the reactions of everyone...

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