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2. A touch of color.

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon ups the diversity rating in more ways than one...

on 2011-05-26 19:10:57

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That night Jon took a look at last year's yearbook. The prospect of the stone was simply too exciting to think about all night so he tried to occupy himself with more pedestrian affairs. Although college was a ways off and Jon didn't even know what he wanted to even consider, he knew one thing might stand in his way.

A friend of his mothers who was in town to do an alumni interview had confided in him that the chances of the interviewee were not very good.

"She's a white girl, from a medium sized town, who goes to an almost all white school," his mother's friend had confided.

"She has great grades, but these days you need more than just that. If you want to make it into a big school you either need to be a minority or at least know a few."

For a while Jon had been noticing just how racially imbalanced his school was. Now with his yearbook, (which he had misplaced and had used the stone to find) he had the numbers:

20 Blacks.

13 Hispanics.

6 Asians.

2 Indians.

1 Middle-Easterner.

He'd known it was bad, but not THIS bad. Even amongst the whites it was pretty bad, the vast majority having Anglo-Saxon descent with a smattering of German and Nordic.

It was somewhat depressing.

But with the stone

Jon grinned. This could be fun. He looked closely at the handful of girls who weren't white. Some of them were simply gorgeous, and not always simply because they were pretty in an exotic way.

Jon found many girls at school attractive, but all those white girls could get monotonous.

So why not kill two birds with one wishing stone? Get a more interesting assortment of eye candy, and make it easier to get into college.

He grasped the stone, holding it against his forehead as he thought it through.

He held it away, took a breath and said his wish:

"I wish that anybody at my school who I do not find attractive would become a beautiful girl with an ethnic background other than European, unless I wish for them to return to the way they were before. Oh, and I wish they were all bisexual too, for the hell of it."

Jon returned the stone to his nightstand drawer and put the yearbook on top of it. He put out the light, and worried that the glow from the stone shining out of the drawer would keep him up all night, but he soon drifted off to sleep.

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