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7. Wally doesn't convince Sir Kri

6. The third floor

5. Sir Kristan can't read

4. The First Floor

3. A Knight and his Squire

2. The tale of the Mage's Tower

1. The Drafting Board

The fourth floor

on 2023-01-29 05:41:19
Episode last modified by User616 on 2023-01-29 05:53:13

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Wally decided to leave it, Sir Kristan was hard enough to argue with already nevermind being a angsty teenager too and followed him up the stairs.

What lay before them defied all architectural rules. The floor gave way to a ramp leading to a very long narrow tunnel. The walls on both sides of the tunnel were tall and unscalable. There was no other way round and the tunnel's exit lay far out of sight.

Sir Kristan eager to get moving, slid down the ramp.


It seems some sort of machinery had activated, small holes had appeared in the sides of the walls and water was flowing out. Eventually it would fill the tunnel and then the room, ultimately drowning them.
"We need to go now sire" Wally shouted scrambling down the ramp.
"You're the one hanging behind boy" sir Kristan jogged already splashing through the puddles at his feet.
The two tred through the tunnel, the water level was rising higher and higher.

It was up to their waists now their speed had slowed considerably but Sir Kristan was flagging even further behind. Wally glanced back at him and tried to peer forward.
He could just make out the steps to safety.
Wally considered leaving him behind. All the times he'd been mistreat flashed before his eyes. No one would know. It happens all the time on dangerous quests.
But he wouldn't be a good squire if he left his Knight behind. And he didn't know how many floors were left. Having someone, even sir Kristan would be a benefit.

Wally turned back, wrapping an arm around his exhausted Knight helping him through.

The water was ever rising.
Now at chest height they were practically swimming through.
Covered in heavy armour and camping supplies, their bodies were dragged down, each and every movement a struggle.

The water was now at neck height, their faces barely keeping on top of the water.
The water had almost filled the tunnel, the roof not far from their faces.

It wouldn't be too long until they drowned..

Their quest would be at an end...

Wally hadn't even got to be a knight..
There were still so many taverns, Sir Kristan had yet to visit...

Sir Kristan's hands touched stone.
They had got to the stairs. The exit lay open at the top awaiting them.
Sir Kristan pushed forward, desperate to get back to dry land. In the struggle he pushed against Wally to get himself up causing Wally to fall back into the water. Wally managed to right himself and also clambered onto the shore.


The machinery came to a stop, the water settling in the stairs.
The two lay exhausted on the floor catching their breaths.
"Thanks for coming back for me boy" Sir Kristan wheezed.
"Thanks for almost drowning me" Wally retorted.
"I.. What?"
"You're so god damn selfish, you didn't even notice you pushed me back into that water, once we're done with this quest we'll part ways, I'll be a knight and you can drink till you're..."
"Till I'm dead? What? What is it boy?"
Wally had paused his tirade to stare agape at Sir Kristan.
"Your beard, it's gone" he pointed.

Sir Kristan's hands reached up and felt his face, it was smooth and soft as if he'd never grown a thick beard on the first place. He looked over at Wally and his eyes bulged even further before he burst out into laughter.
"What? What is it sire" Wally panicked feeling over his own smooth face.
"Didn't know..hah you wanted to be a..ha. monk boy, you should've said earlier" Sir Kristan managed between spurts of laughter.
Wally reached up and felt his new shiny bald head.

"This is all your fault you moron" Wally seethed.
The two inspected their bodies. The water had gotten under their clothes and affected their bodies too. Wally was hairless all but his eyebrows and Sir Kristan kept everything above his eyebrows and lost all below.

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