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2. Swap Shop

1. You Are What You Wish

Swap Shop

on 2011-03-16 05:12:36

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That night Jon had the strangest dream. He, and Karyn were walking through the mall looking around at all the stores. Suddenly however looking to his right he saw what looked to be an extremely popular store with loads of people inside looking in what appeared to be computer kiosks. Looking toward the back he saw 2 rooms blocked off with red curtains.

"Oh! That's gotta be that new store they just opened! The place where you can swap your old body for a new one! Let's go take a look!" Karyn said grabbing Jon by the arm and pulling him inside.

Once inside Jon began to look around at the different computer kiosks, looking above each one to see their labels. Exotic, Athletic, Furry, Cute, Muscular, Tall, Short, as well as several more lined the walls of the store. Following Karyn they took a look at one of the kiosks as a young woman was making her selections. As she finished a green light came on as a worker came over and led her into one of the rooms covered by the red curtains. Minutes later a different woman emerged, looking exactly as like the selections the woman before had made on the screen.

Waking up Jon felt almost giddy as he jumped up to grab the stone from its hiding place. Without a second thought he began to word his wish aloud.

"I wish the mall had a brand new store called the Swap Shop where anyone could come in, and purchase a new body for themselves however they wanted to look. I wish the shop was affordable, and extremely popular and that anyone wanting a new body wouldn't need to worry about what kind of body they should get because everyone's choices would be accepted." Jon said as the stone glowed, indicating the wish had been granted as he began to speak his second wish.

"I also wish Karyn, and I both worked at the swap shop starting today, and as a result are allowed free body swaps whenever we want as an employment perk." Jon said as the stone once again glowed.

"Jon, you should be getting up, it's your first day at your new job isn't it? You better hurry or you're going to be late." His mother yelled from downstairs.

Practically running Jon got ready as quickly as he could through the shower, and getting dressed. An hour later Jon, and his mother arrived at the mall as she handed him a $100 bill. "I know you're getting a new body out being an employee now, here's a bit of money for some clothes shopping till your first paycheck." His mother said dropping him off at the front door.

Walking through the mall he quickly found the place in the same place he had seen it in his dream. Just like his dream as well he saw quite a crowd of people inside. As he made his way in and to the desk in the center he shook hands with the manager who led him behind one of the red curtains in the back to a hallway with a few doorways.

"Alright Jon, welcome to your first day working at the Swap Shop I'm Amy, the manager here. Since you're new you'll have to go through a bit of training with our systems and how we do things around here. First thing's first though let's get you a new body. No doubt that's one of the reason you signed up to work here with your friend Karyn, who came out looking beautiful I must say, but you'll see her later." Amy said leading Jon to a computer in one of the rooms with a large booth setup next to it. Looking at the computer Jon noticed it had several tabs along the side of the screen with each choice and along the bottom had various body parts, colors, and slide bars.

"This is our employee terminal, the system outside in the shop has all the tabs split up among all the kiosks so we can get more people in at once. They also don't have as many after selection options as we do but you'll see that later. Feel free to make whatever body you want, we'll send an associate to shop for a set of clothes in the mall for you when you finish your selections while you're changing. Just step in the booth when you're ready, and it'll let us know." She said closing the door to let Jon work.

Sitting at the terminal Jon's eyes lit up staring at all the possibilities. He was going to have with this but what to choose for his first new body?

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