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2. Fighting Feminism

1. You Are What You Wish

Fighting Feminism

on 2011-02-23 23:16:39

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Jon woke up with a question on his mind: Should I take advice on this?

If he was going to ask someone what to do with these strange newfound powers there was only one real option besides Karyn: Mark.

Mark had been best friends with Jon since the beginning, there was no-one else in the world with a closer train of thought that could maybe help him decide just what to do, what to wish for.

Jon showered and got dressed. He sat himself down at the breakfast table only to find himself far too excited to eat: his stomach just couldn't take it. Jon told Mom he was heading to Mark's which was far from uncommon and dashed across the street, nearly getting hit by a car in the process.

'Sorry!' he called.

Once at Mark's house, Jon found himself out of breath, but he still had strength enough to pound furiously on the door, to which Mark's Mom answered.

'Are you okay Jon?' she asked, looking at him.

'F-fine thanks Ma'am, is Mark in?' he wheezed.

'Sure, go on up'.


The sight of Jon in his dazed state took Mark aback as he entered his room, but it also made him curious enough to hear out Jon's tale in it's entirety - once he caught his breath that is.

'There's no way' said Mark, sat on the bed.

'It's true' protested Jon 'Karyn made her boobs bigger! Look at her latest blog....look at the picture' as he brought it up on her webpage.

'No!' gasped Mark in desbelief 'are you serious?!'

'Deadly' he confirmed 'so what do we do?'.

Mark seized the stone and grinned.

'I have it.......I wish that every time I clicked my fingers.....every female in the country aged between 10-50 years old would wet themselves'. He felt the stone glow and he laughed maniacally.

'Mark, what did you do?!' gasped Jon

'You heard me. It's time to put women in their place bro, we always said we should be in we can humiliate them'.

'This is dangerous' warned Jon.

'Nah, c'mon outside.....let's try it out........'

Mark stepped outside and Jon had no choice but to follow. They stood outside and saw a variety of people walking back and forth across the busy street. Mark felt sick with excitement, Jon felt queasy. Would this work?

'Here goes nothing...' said Mark and clicked his fingers.

It was like throwing a switch. All up and down the street did women and girls pause in their tracks and look down below for an explanation as to what was happening. Most of them screamed as they emptied their bladders, some were wearing skirts which made the splashing all the more visible. Brothers laughed at their sisters as they peed themselves, husbands ran to reassure those that were crying, young girls looked up at their mothers in shock and delight as they found the high and mighty adults experiencing a humiliation previously reserved for only them.

Mark laughed, Jon felt guilty but couldn't help but smile. They watched for a while before heading back in.

'What do you think it'll say on the news?' asked Mark, 'think they'll dare report it?'

'Who knows' says Jon, his mind buzzing.

'So long as we don't tell Karyn we'll be fine. Oh! I bet she peed too!' sniggered Mark.

They walked past the bathroom as Mark's Mom emerged. She had cleaned herself up but was clearly embarrased as she forced an awkward smile. They returned to the bedroom and sat awaiting the news to appear on television.

'I feel like the most powerful guy on the planet' said Mark.

Jon sat and wondered.......were they both allies? or should he tell Karyn? if so, what kind of revenge would she take?

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