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2. A complicated test

1. You Are What You Wish

Reality Editting to the Extreme

on 2011-02-21 18:59:53

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Jon exhaled slowly. All this power, in the palm of his hand...and nobody would even notice any differences. He wanted to test the power of the rock's ability to edit reality to its limit, and a series of wishes should do that perfectly. He concentrated on what he was about to do, and began.

"I wish that anything I wish in the next 10 minutes will last for one week, starting at the end of that 10 minutes. I wish that I will be a shemale anthromorphic lioness named Mina. I wish that my clothing is only codpieces for my crotch and leather belts for my breasts. I wish that Zoe was my steady girlfriend, and we share both a room and a bed. I wish that Karyn is a centaur, and also my steady girlfriend. I wish that Sarah is an overly busty, incredibly curvy elf girl, and also my steady girlfriend. I wish that my three girlfriends have a friendly rivalry for my affections, and love each other as much as me."

Jon finished his many wishes, trembling inside. Soon, his life would be totally different...

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