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8. anne's side

7. jenny's side

6. Jake finishes

5. joining sis 2

4. Tiny time

3. shoes

2. A family of three

1. Altered Fates

anne's side

on 2023-01-23 04:19:16

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Anne ''Don't burn the house down.''

Jake ''I won't mom.''

Jenny '' I'm going to explore.''

Anne ''No your not your too small you could die. your staying with me.''

Jenny ''But mom you let Jake explore.''

Anne ''Jake isn't exploring he/she is learning to use magic and can fly away from danger you can't do that not unless
you also become a fairy like Jake.''

Jenny ''Can we order some fairy doll cloths online?''

Anne ''Of course we can next day delivery JAKE I SAID DON'T BURN DOWN THE HOUSE WHY DO I SMELL SMOKE.''

Jake ''I put it out.''

Anne ''Jake behave your self or you will haft to ride in my pocket.''

Jake ''I'm too big for that.''

Just then Jake walked in the room the same height jenny had been

Anne ''Jake go to jenny's room and put some clothes on.''

Jenny ''Big sis we need to talk about your nudity hobby it need's to stop.''

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