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2. Jon has a date

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon has a date

on 2010-12-29 06:32:20

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That evening Jon sat on his bed, the stone firmly in his hand. He wonder what, if anything, he should wish for. He was about to make a wish when he heard his mother's voice call from downstairs.

"Jon! Shouldn't you start getting ready?!"

What? thought Jon, confused for a moment. Then he suddenly remembered. He had promised his mother he'd take one of her friends' daughters out to dinner tonight. Ugh, he thought, he hated that his mom was always trying to set him up. The girls were nice enough, but they were never his type. And truth be told, he really liked his friend Karyn.

"You're supposed to pick up Rebecca at seven!" his mother's voice came up the stairs. "I had your suit cleaned, it's hanging up in your closet!"

Jon now knew what to wish for. "I wish that my mother never sets me up on dates with girls." There was a flash, and Jon smiled. There, that did it. Now he could get on to some serious wishes. He was about to wish that he had his own car when his mother's voice once again broke his concentration.

"I'm not kidding, you'd better start getting ready, Robert's coming to pick you up at seven! You'd better hurry up and get dressed!"

Jon was very confused. Robert? Robert was Rebecca's brother. Why would he be coming to pick up Jon if his mom didn't set him up on dates with girls? Jon's jaw dropped as he realized the mistake he'd made. Because of the wish, now Jon's mom set him up on dates with BOYS instead of girls.

He glanced over in his closet and where moments ago there had a suit hanging now hung a little black dress. Jon looked down at himself. He was still a guy, what was going on? As he tried to figure out his next move, he heard a car pull up into the driveway.

"He's here!" called Jon's mom, excitedly. "He's here early!"

He saw Robert step out of the car, wearing a suit and tie, with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Jon was about to try and fix this all with a wish when he happened to glance over at his desk, where there sat a photo from the Homecoming dance. The photo was always there, except now instead of him and his date Cindy (who his mom had insisted he take) in the picture, it was now him and Cindy's brother Steven---and Jon was wearing a blue dress! And to make things worse, he looked completely comfortable dressed that way, and in public even.

He heard the doorbell ring, and his mother answered it.

"Oh, hello, Robert!" he heard his mother say. "Yes, he's still in his room, go right up and see if you can move him along."

Jon heard Robert's footsteps coming up the stairs. He grabbed the stone and quickly said, "I wish..."

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