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2. A Slobby Town

1. You Are What You Wish

A Slobby Town

on 2010-12-26 07:14:06

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The next day, Jon met Karyn at her house after school, the stone in hand. He had a smile on his face as he saw her.

"Have you figured out a way to change me back?"

Jon shook his head.

"Whatever wishes made with this rock are permanent. I'm afraid you're stuck like that."

Karyn sighed but knew that Jon wouldn't lie to her.

"So what are you going to wish for first?"

"Well I wish that for the next year, every teenager, man, and woman would become huge slobs. They'd be obese, smelly, gassy, sweaty, the works. They'd pick their nose, fart, belch, scratch themselves, whenever they wanted to. All the food they ate would transform into fat and change them into slobs further. After a year, everything will go back to normal."

The rock flashed, Karyn blinking a bit as it did so.


"Yes Karyn?"


Karyn didn't mean to belch, but she found herself enjoying it anyway as some pimples appeared on her face. Jon farted and smiled.

"How you feeling Karyn?"

Karyn scratched her butt, which looked fifteen pounds heavier, and picked her nose as she replied.

"Just fine. Let's get something to eat!"

Jon nodded and followed after Karyn, grinning as she ripped a massive fart.

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