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5. Light as a Feather

4. Snatch

3. Zoe's Newest Invention

2. Family Genius

1. You Are What You Wish

Putting the weight on her sholders

on 2011-07-06 04:47:07

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Jon watched as Zoe adjusted some knobs on the Snatcher then when she seemed satisfied she pointed it at Jon and pulled the trigger. What happened next was a feeling that Jon could only describe as alleviating. As Zoe continued to hold down the trigger he kept feeling lighter and more free. When she finally let go of the trigger he felt wonderful while Zoe on the other hand seemed a little strained.

"Wow I feel great sis what did you do to me?" Jon said.

"Well I took the weight off your shoulders and put it on mine. I took about all your weight and left you with 1 pound. Watch this." Zoe smiled as she walked over to Jon and lifted him by his shirt with just her pinkie. "Light as a feather!" she laughed.

"Wait so your telling me that you took all my weight except 1 pound. But that means you gained 150 pounds. Add that onto the 100 you weigh would mean that you weigh around 250 pounds. But you dont look any different like your not fat and I'm not paper thin." Jon said after Zoe had lowered him.

"Well i guess it just condensed the weight I set it so that there wouldn't be a physical change to the way we looked cause I had no intention of being fat. Though it takes a bit more for me to lift my leg and there is no way I'm getting that far off the ground with a jump though for you it would practically be like walking on the moon. We got to test this thing outside." Zoe said as she walked to the door the ground shaking with every step. Figuring that it could be fun Jon lept after her and found it hard to control where he was going when he still was pushing off with the same force but needing to move 150 less pounds. The result was his loss of control and ramming into the wall ahead of him.

"Well this is gonna take some getting used to." he thought as he repositioned himself and launched himself out of the door.

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