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7. The morning

6. That night

5. good by ladies

4. Snatch

3. Zoe's Newest Invention

2. Family Genius

1. You Are What You Wish

Breakfast talk

on 2010-12-22 01:02:01
Episode last modified by Noy2222 on 2018-02-22 21:09:47

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The next morning Jon woke up and as he walked to the bathroom he recalled yesterdays events. After confirming that he didn't have morning wood he took a piss and went down stairs. There he met his sister with the libido of two people who had disheveled hair and a grin on her face dressed in a robe.

"How was your night?" Jon asked as he got a bowl of cereal.

"Pretty good. Thanks for that mag by the way I'll get it back to you later." Zoe responded.

"What do you mean later when am i getting to be normal again?" Jon asked.

"Oh you'll get it before noon as promised but its just that.. that...." Zoe stuttered.


"Well.. Fun! I mean its really interesting to be ready to fuck something really often and it can be pretty much anything now for me. And it doesn't stop I woke up today with soaked panties. I don't know how my body is keeping up with this. also i really want my boobs back even though i have nipples its not as good without real breast. Also have a new idea for an invention due to this that we can have fun with, whats best is it will be done pretty quickly. How are you dealing with it?" She said.

"Well its not really bad just that I'm not attracted to girls anymore. Like when I looked at that mag and i was like 'Meh breasts'. Its just really strange cause my brains knows that i should go yes but my body says no. Well I guess have fun with your little nipples." Jon said as he put away his dishes.

"Actually Jon I was wondering if you would help me out a little." Zoe said shyly.

"Whats the problem."

"Well I kinda want you to finger me...."

"What! Why do you want me to help you get off?" Jon said incredulously.

"Yea its just that I've masturbated so many times i need something different and i know that for you it would mean nothing to you just you sticking your hand in my vagina. Please Jon I'll pay you back somehow." Zoe begged. Jon thought about it for a while and finally decided why not? He would never do it again and he was curious what he would feel.

"Fine but you ow me." Jon said.

"Thank you so much Jon! Lets go!" Zoe said as she dragged Jon up to her room and stripped down and sat him on her bed and sat next to him and spread her legs as far as she could while pinching her little nipples. And then jon emotionlessly stuck his hand in her pussy and started to feel around. Zoe was defiantly enjoying it due to her moans of pleasure but jon simply decided to feel around and learn about the inside of a vagina as he looked inside while moving his hand around. Finally after Zoe had orgasmed a couple times she was panting and didn't let jon Continue saying that her pussy was aching. He then went and washed his hands then went to his room. Yup it was defiantly a start to a strange day.

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