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2. Family Genius

1. You Are What You Wish

The Family Genius

on 2010-11-21 17:55:05

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Later that night Jon was sitting in his room trying to think karyn a way out of her perdicament. Though it was hard for him to concentrate he figured that the best way to get around it was for some reason that it happened. The problem was that he wanted an outlet that wouldn't cause future problems but future fun. Then he got an idea.

" I wish that though Karyn did not hear this wish she will be treated as if she did. I wish that Zoe was an inventor that would come up with devices and machines that caused strange effects on the subjects of the device. I wish that Zoe shared these inventions with me and Karyn because for some she needed two people to test it on. I wish that while some people know about these inventions only people that zoe allows can use them. I wish that while Zoe always finds a way to change us back she isn't always able to do so imediatly and sometime it can take her up to a week to find a solution but never more than that. I wish that Karyn's breast enlargement and blond hair were a result of Zoe's latest invention and that Karyn and I both will remember any memory that Zoe may tell of her previous inventions." Jon wished and then as a glow eminated from the rock and filled the room he knew it was done. Then he heard a knock at the door.

"Hey Jon! I've got something to show you!" Zoe shouted.

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