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2. Something diffrent

1. The Future of Gaming

Dragon: master of air and fire.

on 2005-12-04 06:09:52

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I sat there and thought for a bit. I wasn't a stranger to MMO's, having beta tested several, and playing a few after launch. I had always disliked the limited race selection. They had always been human like, or humanoid in appearance. Even with lizard men or other beast people types. The it hit me.

'Race selection' I thought. Immediately, a huge drop-down list appeared. Quickly sorting through the numerous listings, I found the one you were looking for and highlighted and selected it.

The race selection disappeared and standing there, now not a human, but a dragon. I felt myself trembling with excitement. I had always loved dragons, but over the years, I had resigned myself to never experiencing what it would feel like to fly or have four claws. But now, I had the chance to live out my dreams.

Claming down a bit, I looked at the race description, wanting to know exactly what I was going to be.

"Dragons in the world of Ether are unique as they are one of the few races that can inherently fly, even at young ages. They also continually grow based on how much experience they have gained. They also have far greater strength and magical aptitude then most other races that they co-exist with. They are unique in that they can combine both magic and melee effectively. They are not, however, all powerful. Dragons cannot wear armor, relying on there scales to protect themselves. The same goes for there weapons. They only use there claws, teeth, and inner-fire. As a result, there are few items that they can gain bonus from. Also, even at there youngest ages, they are larger then most races, and have difficulty moving around towns or cities. As they age, dragons can gain the ability to shape-shift into human or humanoid forms, though it is a difficult ability to master. Creator note! Dragons are not an ideal race for new players!"

You shrugged off the difficulty warning. You have played difficult races before, and the desire to play a dragon was far more drawing then a simple warning could deter you.

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